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Director/Producer/Co-Editor: Jane Martin

Jane Martin is an award-winning film director and multi-media artist. After film studies at New York University, she worked extensively in the film and television industry in New York and Paris. This included various roles as director, cinematographer, editor and production manager with notables such as Al Pacino, Donald Sutherland, Steven Spielberg and Gregory Colbert. Her first documentary Silent Sentries, an ode to New York City, was broadcast primetime on four PBS stations nationally, including numerous times on PBS Channel 13 New York City. It also premièred at festivals in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Portugal and the United States


Martin has made her home in East Hampton, New York for the last 15 years. She began production in 2014 on her second documentary What Is Love?. 


Co-Editor: Alex Mankiewicz

Alex Mankiewicz, of the famous Mankiewicz filmmaking family, has worked in the industry in many different capacities - from Art Department to Assistant Director - on both studio and independent productions in Paris, Los Angeles and New York; for entities as diverse as HBO and Merchant-Ivory. An illustrator specializing in graphic narrative - essentially drawn films - she spent years in the U.S. and Japan and is based in Australia.


Cinematographer: Nate Best

Nate Best is a Director of Photography from Montauk, NY. He studied filmmaking at Ithaca College and works on commercial (including Google and Samsung), fashion (including Prada, Tory Birch, Dior and Kenzo) as well as documentary and narrative films. He is currently based in New York and Los Angeles.


Composer: Inda Eaton

Inda Eaton is a singer/songwriter/storyteller best known for connecting to audiences with her poignant lyrics and epic storytelling. A globe-trotting performer and bandleader her unique sound has found favor with fans of rock, country, and acoustic music all over the world since she started touring with her first of nine albums in 1996. As an acoustic rock artist, Inda’s style is often compared to a fusion of John Mellencamp and Melissa Etheridge. She currently resides in East Hampton, NY.

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