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'When humanity recognizes the power of love it will be like discovering fire for the second time.' 

                                                       – Interviewee Stephan Rechtschaffen from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

What is Love? is a seven episode docuseries about love and its many meanings. Love is a word we all use, but rarely stop and try to define. What Is Love? asks this question of people from all walks of life, ages, sexualities and cultures. They speak from the depths of years of experience, from the freshness of youth, from the battlegrounds and successes of love.

What Is Love? offers something for all of us to relate to, to question, to discuss, to pass on. Moments that touch the very essence of our souls with humor, pathos, vulnerability, joy and occasional stunned silence.

Directed by Jane Martin, the first (stand-alone) episode runs 35 minutes and has begun the festival circuit. The six other episodes are in a rough-cut stage. What Is Love? is presently seeking distribution on a streaming platform.

Over 150 people generously agreed to be interviewed on camera for the series. Each of the seven episodes introduces new characters while returning to ones the viewer begins to know and love. Each episode addresses two questions about love and relationship.The interviews are broken up by images of love graffiti shot around the world.

Featured are famous actors, writers, artists, musicians, spiritual teachers, the woman who overturned DOMA, politicians, therapists, farmers, entrepreneurs, yogis, chefs and surfers and so many more, including Alec Baldwin, Lynda LaPlante, Rodney Yee, Mercedes Ruehl, John Mankiewicz, Edie Windsor, Ron Guttman and Stephan Rechtscheffen.




Without knowing the topic in advance, the interviewees were initially asked “What is Love?” This was followed by a series of questions. Each episode is now composed of two of these questions:


  • Episode 1: What is love? / Is there a difference between being in love and love? 

  • Episode 2: Do you need to love yourself to love someone else? / Does fate play a role in love? 

  • Episode 3: Do you need to be vulnerable in relationship? / Does unconditional love exist?

  • Episode 4: How has social media affected relationships? / How important is sex and lust in relationship? 

  • Episode 5: What is the most challenging part of loving someone? / Why do you think ‘what is love?’ was the most googled question for three years?

  • Episode 6:  Love & loss: when things fall apart what happens to love? / Final thoughts on love: why is love important? 

  • Episode 7: What is the secret to long-term relationship? / Bonus material (amusing out-takes) 

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